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Paul Scolardi has been trading in the markets for over 23 years. However, 2020 and the first couple months of 2021 have truly been wildly profitable! Paul made $5.3 million in 2020 and has made over $4 million thus far in 2021 between realized and unrealized gains through mid-February. Paul trades his own money and leads by example – he’s not a ‘hypothetical’ trader, nor does he trade using extremely complex or high-risk strategies.


Learn From Paul Scolardi with Super Trades, Paul’s all-in-one education and alerts system.

Premium Educational Videos:

3-5 times per week Paul does a training video for his students. On these videos, he covers the latest strategies that are working for his students – along with covering any upcoming trends or potential trades. Paul feels education is key to a traders success, hence why he does a weekly training video for his students.

The Super Trades Daily Watchlist

(updated 3-5 times per week):

It’s the only way to see what plays I’m monitoring and get a list of fully researched stocks I believe have potential. I spend over 20 hours a week curating the list!

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So you can get access to my trading research as fast as humanly possible (SMS currently available in the U.S. and Canada)

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Paul answers his students’ questions during this exclusive broadcast